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Supporting families through love and education during their prenatal, birth and postpartum experiences

Newborn and Postpartum Care and Support | Gilbert, Phoenix Arizona

With more than 12 years of experience, Melissa is here to ease your family’s transition with your new baby. Both prenatally and postpartum, Melissa is available with resources and guidance.


What is the Fourth Trimester?

It’s that tender, incredible time after a baby is born, when families benefit from extra care and support. A lot of monumental shifts happen during that fourth trimester! From woman to mother, man to father… Parents of one, to parents of two or more… - DONA International

As postpartum doulas, we are here to ease the transition into your new family dynamic.  Emotional support, evidence based informational support, practical support, and partner and sibling support are all areas that we are well versed in and can assist with.  We are independent and self-employed.  As your doula, we are working for you, not your caregiver or hospital.


Prenatal planning for postpartum

Starting at $200

Just as you take care to plan and envision your birth, let’s work together to ease some of the anxiety of bringing baby home.  We will evaluate your needs, pull together resources, and build a postpartum plan that will give you and your partner peace of mind and allow you to bond with baby.  This session includes:

-30 min phone consultation to discuss your most pressing concerns

-3 hours in-person planning session which includes a fully printed workbook

-Access to a resource library for you to research topics at your own leisure

-30 min phone follow-up either before or after baby’s birth


baby is here, now what?

Starting at $250

If your physical and emotional needs are being met with the help of family and friends, but you still have questions about breastfeeding, newborn care, newborn sleep, bonding, or other postpartum topics, then this package is for you! If your budget doesn't have room for extended postpartum support, but you are feeling overwhelmed with the challenges of new parenthood, then this is an affordable way to get started.

-30 min phone consultation to discuss your areas of need

-4 hours of in-home, one-on-one learning

-Access to my resource library for you to research topics at your own leisure

-30 min phone follow-up after one week to discuss any changes or further needs


restore and reset overnight care

Starting at $280

Do you feel like you’ve got a handle on the day to day of new mothering, but just need to rest?  Are you heading back to work, but need some serious recharging to be able to function at peak performance?  Overnight care takes the burden of nighttime awakenings and feedings off of parent’s shoulders, so you can get some solid, uninterrupted sleep!

Typical hours for nighttime care are 10pm to 6am, but they can be flexible to fit your family’s unique schedule.


Those first forty days and beyond

Starting at $120

The first weeks postpartum are filled with amazement at your new babe, but it can also be an extremely challenging time for new families.  As your postpartum doula, we are here to help you navigate the intricacies of this overwhelming adjustment.

During postpartum hours we can help with:

-Breastfeeding and bottle feeding counseling

-Understanding baby's behaviors and help with soothing routines

-Diapering  (cloth and paper)

-Sibling support

-Light housekeeping (can you say LAUNDRY?)

-Screen for postpartum mood disorders, as well as processing your birth

-Hands-on education for infant and mama care (bathing, caring for incisions or vaginal tears)

-Baby-wearing assistance, education, and demonstrations