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Supporting families through love and education during their prenatal, birth and postpartum experiences

Newborn and Postpartum Care and Support | Gilbert, Phoenix Arizona

With more than 12 years of experience, Melissa is here to ease your family’s transition with your new baby. Both prenatally and postpartum, Melissa is available with resources and guidance.



“As Ayurvedic Postpartum Doulas we show up in the homes of new mothers in a way that allows them to continue the profound journey of birthing their child. These six weeks are one of life’s greatest gateways where deep healing, rest and connection are of highest importance.” – Jenna Funari , MA, CAP

From the beginning of time, women were honored, nurtured, and supported as they journeyed into motherhood. Families depended on their community to surround them with love and guidance in the early hours, days, weeks, and months with a new baby. In our culture, we have traveled far from this norm; engaging a doula for your unique family can bring back that much needed support.



As your Postpartum Doula, my mission is to empower you and help you find solid ground over the first six weeks of life, whether it’s your first baby or your sixth. Specializing in Ayurvedic care – an Eastern medicine system that promotes longevity, builds complete health and honors a sacred period of time – I  get to help you modernize old world ways for today’s mothering experience. Ayurveda is the “sister life science” to yoga – and like yoga, it has a lot to say about long term wellbeing.  One of my favorite bits of wisdom states that The First 42 Days Postpartum correspond directly to the next 42 years of life! Your life, and your precious babe’s. Together, we get to make a lasting impact on your beautiful family. With Ayurvedic care, families access a route to complete healing with an in-home support specialist.

During The First 42 Days Postpartum, you can expect a care plan to support you through four pillars of care: Nourishment, Mindfulness, Bodywork, and Rest – and additionally, you’ll get great Lactation Support – from a perspective that brings greater ease to both breast and bottle feeding journeys.



Personalized herbal support & cooking for your physical healing, best sleep, emotional well-being, breast milk supply, and digestion

Breast & bottle feeding support

Education for infant and mama care (bathing, caring for incisions or vaginal tears)

Guided self-care practices including birth and postpartum journaling and mother-baby yoga - meditation, mindfulness, and breathwork; mother-baby self-massage or bodywork (abhyanga); and belly wrapping

Screening for postpartum mood disorders, as well as processing your birth

Supportive day & overnight infant care

Sibling support

Light housekeeping for mother-baby(ies)

Nursery set up

Guidance in baby's behaviors and help with soothing routines

Baby-wearing assistance, education, and demonstrations

Diapering  (cloth and paper)

Routine creation & implementation; and transition planning (especially nice for mothers with older children or who plan to return to work), and

Support & resources for special circumstances


Daytime - If your physical and emotional needs are being met with the help of family and friends, but you still have questions about breastfeeding, newborn care, newborn sleep, bonding, or other postpartum topics, then this package is for you! If your budget doesn't allow for extended postpartum support, but you are feeling overwhelmed with the challenges of new parenthood, then this is an affordable way to get started. Our mother-baby care session can be used day or night. Daytime care minimum is 4 hours; hours vary from 8a-8p.

 Overnight - Do you feel like you’ve got a handle on the day to day of new mothering, but just need to rest?  Are you heading back to work, but need some serious recharging to be able to function at peak performance?  Overnight care takes the burden of nighttime awakenings and feedings off of parent’s shoulders, so you can get some solid, uninterrupted sleep! Overnight care minimum is 8 hours; and typical hours are 10p-6a (may vary from family to family).

 All of my packages can be fully customized.



Starting at $200


Just as you take care to plan and envision your birth, let’s work together to ease some of the anxiety of bringing baby home.  We will evaluate your needs, pull together resources, and build a postpartum plan that will give you and your partner peace of mind and allow you to bond with baby.



Starting at $250

Our drop in care session includes 8 hours of in-person visits with mother-baby guidance, sibling support and care (to be used in 4 hour daytime or 8 hour overnight increments – see descriptions above).



Starting at $750

With Postpartum Support you’ll start off with a personalized individual or family well-being action plan. This helps guide and support your 24 hours of in-person visits with mother-baby guidance, sibling support and care (to be used in 4 hour daytime or 8 hour overnight increments – see descriptions above). And it allows us to map out from day-to-day what kind of support you want, need, desire or crave – some of these activities include self-care advice, learning massage techniques for baby, herbal/nutrition guidance and education, and yoga/meditation practices as needed. During our time together, you’ll also have access to unlimited text and email communication during office hours.



Starting at $950

With this highly-customized package, you will receive all of the above, plus an extended prenatal coaching visit focused on postpartum meal & herbal planning for optimal mental and physical well-being. Need meal prep, planning, or delivery? You’ll get that too with dinner and/or breakfast prepared and delivered for each visit (maximum 6 meals). A final (fabulous) bonus – a postpartum herbal basket full of teas, herbs, pads, and tinctures for your first 42 days (great for birth aftercare, lactation, sleep and mood) to be dropped off before your miracle arrives.