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Supporting families through love and education during their prenatal, birth and postpartum experiences

Birth Doula Services | Doula Services in Gilbert, Phoenix Arizona

Birth Doulas, Alyssa and Melissa, team up to support Cherry Blossom families in their own unique journeys toward parenthood.

Why Choose Cherry Blossom Doula Services?

We are passionate about supporting moms through unmedicated birth experiences and have a natural minded philosophy towards birth. We also understand some circumstances require a more interventional approach, and assist families in navigating through these unknowns. By utilizing evidenced based information and resources, our families can feel truly confident that they are making informed decisions, instead of decisions rooted in fear.  

Both of us advocate for families to ask questions and research their options! We work to connect families with like-minded providers that they trust (Midwives and Doctors) in the birth setting of their choice (hospital, birth center, or home).  This is the biggest decision that will directly affect a family’s birth experience. 

We strive to create a secure and calm space, so partners are free to love on the laboring woman without having to worry about all of the details; reminding them to hydrate, eat, rest and communicate the needs of their loved one, during each stage of labor.

Our hearts and hands are our most used tools. We provide gentle, verbal encouragement through each stage of labor; reminding moms to listen to their bodies and walking them through what to expect in the upcoming stage. We offer suggestions when needed to assist in progression of labor and management of contractions.

Our goal is for families to leave their birth experience feeling supported, a part of the decision making process, and truly cared for as they bring their baby earth side.  



Effects were strongest when the person was neither a member of the hospital staff nor a person in the woman's social network and was present solely to provide one-to-one supportive care. (Ask us to share our personal stats!)

~Decrease in the use of Pitocin

~Decrease in the risk of an unnecessary c-section

~Increase in the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth

~Decrease in the use of any medications for pain relief

~Decrease in the risk of newborns being admitted to a special care nursery

~Increase in satisfaction with the birth experience for both the mom and partner

“Published data indicates that one of the most effective tools to improve labor and delivery outcomes is the continuous presence of support personnel, such as a doula. A Cochrane meta-analysis of 12 trials and more than 15,000 women demonstrated that the presence of continuous one-on-one support during labor and delivery was associated with improved patient satisfaction and a statistically significant reduction in the rate of cesarean delivery (111). Given that there are no associated measurable harms, this resource is probably underutilized.” *Visit ACOG for more information
“Doulas are a growing force in the ever-changing culture of maternity, at once a manifestation of the growing demand for personal service and a backlash against the perceived overmedicalization of birth.” ~ THE NEW YORK TIMES

Doulas, a Growing Force in Maternity Culture, Seek Greater Acceptance February 10, 2015
photo credit: Hillarie Mae Photography

photo credit: Hillarie Mae Photography

Bloom Doula Package $900:

  • A complimentary consultation

  • A Prenatal appointment 2 hrs long where we discuss signs that labor is starting, ways to manage your contractions, and creating a birth options template (extra appointments are available for an additional fee)

  • Monthly Meetups with Alyssa and Melissa, as well as other Cherry Blossom families to discuss a prenatal topic and meet everyone

  • Telephone and/or email support any time to discuss your questions or concerns with 24/7 on-call commitment starting 2 weeks before to 2 weeks after your estimated delivery date (EDD)

  • Aromatherapy, massage/counter pressure, positioning, verbal encouragement, and evidenced based information during labor

  • A birth timeline documenting the details of your unique birth story

  • 1 postpartum visit generally 14 days after delivery to make sure you and baby are doing well, to process your birth story, provide your birth time line, resources, and digital images (if applicable)

  • Access to a weekly postpartum mom’s group facilitated by Alyssa and Melissa; every Monday in Mesa

  • Unlimited professional resources before and after birth, including but not limited to: Childbirth Preparation classes, Prenatal Yoga classes, Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture, Lactation Consultants, Postpartum Doula Support, Newborn Photographers and more!


Optional add- on services, special rates for Doula clients:

  • Placenta Encapsulation/Tincture/Cord Keepsake $170

  • Extensive Labor and Birth Photography (average is 50-75 photos) $250

  • Maternity or Newborn Milk Bath Photography session $250 (minimum 15 images)

  • Newborn Lifestyle or Fresh 48 Photography session $250 (minimum 40 images)

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We believe all families deserve a Doula regardless of their financial situation. If this is a concern, please contact us so we can discuss payment options, Cherry Blossom Doula Services gift certificates, or bartering to make sure you have the Doula support you deserve.